05 May 2018 Published in Events

The “Song of Songs”: Lecture by Gabriel Strenger.

Gabriel Strenger speaks about the "Song of Songs".
Gabriel Strenger speaks about the "Song of Songs".
Type: Lecture
Date: Wednesday, May 9th, 2018
Time: 8 p.m.
Venue: Jewish Prayer Room Museum in Fürstabt-Gerbert-Str. 2, Horb

The Hebrew expression Schir ha-Schirim, literally translated, means Song of Songs in the sense of “the most beautiful song”.

This famous text from the Hebrew Bible is often referred to as “Das Hohelied” in German.

The Song of Songs consists of dialogues between two lovers and of monologues in which one lover sings in praise of the other. The conversations and reflections describe the yearning and pain caused by separation and the joy of reunion. They praise fidelity and evoke in poetic and erotic language the attractions and merits of the beloved. The entire text is one joyous celebration of love, embedded in sensitive evocations of Nature.

Who are the lovers in this text? Readers of the Bible and famous scholars have pondered this question for many centuries. Is it a case of two people in love or of the reciprocal love between God and the People of Israel? In Gabriel Strenger's lecture on May 9th in the Jewish Prayer Room in Horb, we learn how one Jewish scholar interprets this special text.

Gabriel Strenger is a clinical psychologist with consulting rooms in Jerusalem, a member of the teaching staff for psychotherapy at the Hebrew University, a teacher of Judaism and a singer. In German-speaking areas he regularly lectures on the Hebrew Bible, the Kabbalah and Hasidism and is actively involved in inter-religious dialogue.

We wish to express our gratitude to the Stuttgart Education Institute ( Stuttgarter Lehrhaus) - foundation for inter-religious dialogue and co-presenter of this lecture - for its generous support.

Admission: free
Address: Fürstabt-Gerbert-Str. 2 in 72160 Horb