01 July 2016 Published in News

Kiddush Goblet Returns to Rexingen

The kiddush goblet of Isidor Ottenheimer.
The kiddush goblet of Isidor Ottenheimer.


Stephen Beiner, attorney at law from Boca Raton, Florida, and his wife Judy visited Rexingen in mid-June 2016. On the Jewish cemetery, they visited the graves of Stephen's forebears, the Ottenheimer family. 

The 1830 grave of his great-great-great-grandmother, Lufra Hayum from Dettensee, is located in the oldest part of the Rexingen cemetery. The headstone is still there.

Stephen Beiner's mother, Erna Ottenheimer, grew up on Bergstraße street in Rexingen. She, her sister Alwine, her parents, and her grandmother fled to the United States in 1937. In his luggage, her father Isidor Ottenheimer kept the family's silver Kiddush goblet, which was used every year for Passover.


Stephen and Judy Beiner gave Barbara Staudacher und Heinz Högerle the Kiddush Goblet for an exhibition in the former Synagoge in Rexingen.


Stephen Beiner decided to bring the goblet back to Rexingen and entrust it to the Former Synagogue Association's collection. He gave the goblet to Barbara Staudacher and Heinz Högerle in the Jewish Prayer Room Museum in Horb. The goblet with the engraving “I.O.” will be shown in the future exhibition to be located in the Former Synagogue Rexingen.