Shavei Zion Blüte in Israel aus schwäbischer Wurzel (A Blossom in Israel with Swabian Roots)

Shavei Zion

The standard work on the settlement of Rexingen Jews in Galilee. It was compiled in 1978 on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of Shavei Zion and was extended and brought up to date ten years later. A lively report with many coloured and black-and-white photos which still gives a good, overall view of the history and development of Shavei Zion.

Editors: Günther and Leslie Petzold.
Edition: Third revised and extended edition.
Number of pages / Bookcover: 100 pages / Hardcover.
Languages: German
ISBN: 3-88350316-9
Publisher: Bleicher Publications, Gerlingen, 1993.
Price: € 9.00

Obtainable from: The book is no longer available in bookshops and can only be obtained from the Association.