Memorial records and ‘stumbling blocks’ for the dead

Example of a 'stumbling block'
Example of a 'stumbling block'

'Stolperstein' or 'stumbling block' is a small cobblestone-sized memorial fitted flat into the pavement in front of the last dwelling of the deported victims of the Nazis. A brass plaque on the surface bears an inscription showing the name, year of birth and year of deportation of the deceased.

We know today that 125 Jews from Rexingen were deported. Not all of them were born and grew up in Rexingen. Some were forced to move to Rexingen. For all of them, written records describing their fate have been secured.

As in many German and in the meantime European cities and villages, 'stumbling blocks' for those men, women and children murdered by the Nazis, whether Jewish or not, have been laid in Horb, Rexingen, Mühringen and Nordstetten since 2011. Each 'stumbling block' contains biographical data.

Memorial records and biographical texts of the 'stumbling blocks' can be found in the following database (some database entries may not be translated yet, please proceed to German version of this section in order to obtain German further entries of the database).