Organizational Structure and Members

Organizational Structure and Members

The Association currently has over 170 members. The General Board Meeting is the main body of the Association. Here the plans of the Association are presented, discussed and decided upon and the members of the board and some of the committee are elected.


First Chairman:
Peter Rosenberger, Horb

Vice Chairmen:
Heinz Högerle, Horb
Andrea Dettling, Gärtringen

Dr. Sylvie Avakian, Horb-Dettingen

Gernot Schlager, Horb-Ihlingen

Associate Committee-member:
Amos Fröhlich, Shavei Zion, Israel

Advisory Council

The advisory council consists of the committee and the following members:
Dr. Karoline Adler, Oberiflingen
Götz Bonfert, Horb-Rexingen
Birgit Sayer, Horb-Rexingen
Andrea Galler, Tübingen


Any natural or juristic person can be a member of the Society. The committee decides on admission to membership.

The annual minimum membership fee is currently:
Adult, € 15.
Pupils and students, € 10.
Families, € 40.
Juristic person, € 130.

The membership fee is tax deductible in accordance with 10b EstG, § 9 Nr. 3 KStG and § 9 Nr. 5 GewStG. Donation receipts are sent automatically to members at the beginning of the year.