18 December 2014 Published in Events

Jean Améry: "How much Heimat does one need?". Reading and Discussion.

Photo of  Jean Améry courtesy of Klett-Cotta
Photo of Jean Améry courtesy of Klett-Cotta
Type: Reading and Discussion
Date: March 1st, 2015
Time: 5 p.m.
Venue: Former Rexingen Synagogue

Jean Améry, born as Hans Meyer in Vienna in October 1912, was one of the most important European intellectuals of the 1960s and 1970s. A philosopher and author, he dealt vividly with his experience in Nazi Concentration Camps in his collection of essays entitled Beyond Guilt and Atonement, an indispensable work in German literature on the Holocaust. All five essays, including "How much Heimat does one need?",  are still highly relevant today.

The artist KH Schmeißer analysed with great intensity these texts which influenced his figural painting. Peter Binder, SWR presenter, will open the event, reading excerpts from Beyond Guilt and Atonement. He will be followed as speaker by Michael Theurer, Member of the European Parliament and Chairman of the Association of Patrons and Friends of the Former Rexingen Synagogue.  Karl-Josef Kuschel, Professor of the Sciene of Religion in Tübingen, will be the final speaker. He will deal with questions raised by Jean Améry on the human condition.

The reading will take place by kind permission of  Klett-Cotta. 

Guests: Peter Binder, Professor Karl-Josef Kuschel, Michael Theurer, M.E.P.
Admission: free
Address: 16, Freudenstädter Straße